Monday, July 15, 2013

My Dystopia/Apocalyptic Series

The books in order of the sequence of  the story starting from the beginning to the end for those that have not seen the entire book series. The only one missing is the last one, it is not out yet!

Just for your information. I know a lot of people started with changes a Bullet makes and then worked backwards. Like I said, this is the order of the story from beginning to the end. Lightning Rages the final story will be out in December 2014, I hope. It is in editing right now. agmoye or 

Enjoy! For those not into reading my series about life after the collapse and re-birth. I offer you my Chronicles of the Marauder series. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

General Tomahawk Rises

Brad seeks to understand Vicki. After the bomb came and being separated for so long, he still loves her but tries to keep it in the back of his mind until he can understand how she really feels. She seemed friendly enough after that first night when she gave him the cold shoulder! Read what happens!


A Place Called Terra

 Brad didn't know if he wanted to become President after Robin nominated him with Michele as his running mate. He was more inclined to support Tom and Jim for the post but they withdrew before he could saying "They were supporting him for President!" Read the whole story of a building of a free nation!


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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Zigzagging Home

 Brad sat chatting with Tom, wondering if joining with so many woman was the right thing to do? He had joined with those in his small group feeling they needed some sense of stability and they were loved starved! Now, Michele seemed determined to add more wives as the group grew in size, should he refuse the new wives? Read more of the story

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Changes a Bullet Makes

Brad abd Vicki  work to bring world peace and unification but things don't always go the way it i planned. There still is hotspots in the world and those wanting to change it back! Get the story behind the story at "Lightning Chronicles!" at this link:

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Terror Reigns


 Patty better known as Bitch, realizing that she stank from crawling through the goat shit and other things. Not bathing since the death of her sister, Tina, she didn't care if they smelt her coming. She was not going to stop until all those responsible for her sister's death were punished, Her way! Read the story available in hardback and ebook at bookstores everywhere or online!


A Need for Lightning

Five star review on Shelfari. Vicki was sure that the ship was a lot more than Brad or the family was expecting, she started out trying to get Spaceworks just to build her a ship big enough for the family and maybe a few friends but it kept growing and growing as each new thing was added making it need a big crew to operate it. But Vicki felt it was necessary in order to make Brad's goal of going into space to meet up with the aliens himself. Read the whole story! Join me on MARsocial where I read and talk about this story as well

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